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Impossible Foods is addressing the most catastrophic threats facing humanity: climate change and biodiversity collapse. A global transition to a plant-based food system will turn back the clock on atmospheric C02 levels, restore natural ecosystems and reverse meltdown in wildlife biomass. The easiest -- if not only -- way to make our civilization sustainable is to eliminate livestock, the most dangerous technology on Earth. But humans won’t give up meat. So we need to make meat better -- more delicious and more nutritious, without animals as the underlying production technology. That means that making meat sustainably is the most important and urgent problem for the global scientific community. Impossible Foods' mission is to completely replace the use of animals as a food-production technology by offering consumers everything they currently value about animal products -- and making products that are vastly superior to their animal analogues. To do this, we are taking a revolutionary scientific and market-based approach. We are inventing efficient, sustainable ways to transform ingredients from plants into meat, fish and dairy foods that deliver all the pleasures and nutritional benefits consumers demand, without the destructive environmental or public health impact. Our world-class R&D team has been building the know-how and technology platform to produce meat, fish and dairy foods from plants. Impossible Foods is experiencing rapid growth and is resolutely committed to leading all aspects of the plant-based food revolution—from discovery to commercial production. The only thing that will separate Impossible Foods from success and failure is our ability to recruit more world-class experts. Want to join? Check out the job openings and requirements below:

  • Sell to new customers: You will be responsible for driving sales of Impossible Foods products in your market.
  • Manage & Grow accounts:In some instances you will be the primary contact for accounts serving Impossible and responsible for supporting and growing their business.  For others you will coach the team to maximize sales
  • Manage People: Manage regional sales team/Broker sales force to attain sales targets
  • Manage distributors: Within your region manage the relationships, including training, sales material supply, and performance
  • Drive the movement: You will be the front line of Impossible’s mission including building passionate Impossible customers/ ambassadors via activations
  • Measure results: Across the above initiatives, you will be responsible for measuring and hitting key metrics and communicating performance to the Impossible Foods Canadian and headquarters team

  • BA/BS degree
  • Ideally based in the GTA
  • Minimum 7-10  years in sales
  • Preferred, food service and culinary experience, including experience selling to restaurant operators and distributors in Canada
  • Bilingualism is an asset
  • Deep knowledge of and experience of Canadian culture, influence and food
  • Preferred, experience growing a new brand in Canada market
  • Mission driven with genuine interest and passion for Impossible Food’s mission
  • Clear, logical, strategic thinker with ability to align long term vision with today
  • Strong analytical skills with metrics based, results driven approach
  • Highly collaborative approach and strong communication skills (internally and externally)
  • Creative, blast through obstacles, do everything it takes to succeed approach
  • Driven by working in fast paced, dynamic, highly cross-functional environments
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Suite and Salesforce
  • Ability to do frequent travel in market and periodic travel out of market including United States

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