General Manager, Nunavut

Outer Nunavut Iqaluit, NUNAVUT TERRITORY | over 1 year | Deadline: 10 Jan 2018
This position has expired. Do not apply!

Job Summary


Job Description

The General Manager, Nunavut, reporting to the Vice President, Business Markets is responsible for developing and implementing programs and strategies that will drive sales of Northwestel's products and services and enhance Northwestel's image and relationships in Nunavut. In collaboration with Northwestel’s Director, Government Relations, the General Manager, Nunavut is responsible for working with the Government of Nunavut, as well as, the business community, political and cultural organizations and the public at large in advocating and enlisting support for Northwestel's positions on matters critical to Northwestel's business. The incumbent is also responsible for general operational management in Nunavut to ensure the network is operating at established performance and service levels.

This position has the following direct reports:

  •  Manager, Field Operations Network;
  •  Account Executive.


  • Identify, develop and implement sales and service programs that increase business opportunities, increase revenue and enhance customer service in Nunavut through various partnerships and alliances.
  • Ensure network operations are fully operational within pre-determined performance and service levels.
  • Monitor the business environment and proactively identify and address potential issues to maintain and build strong relationships between Northwestel and customers initiating actions to address issues and concerns raised by business and communities where required including modifying, when appropriate, processes that have a negative impact on customers.
  • Identify specific issues that may arise with implications for the Company’s relationship with Government of Nunavut.
  • Develop relationships with senior departmental officials and political staff with portfolios relevant to the Company.
  • Select, lead, manage, and develop all employees in Nunavut through recruitment, coaching, mentoring, and performance management.
  • Deliver business results to meet strategic objectives for Nunavut that include customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, operational results, safety, revenue, and budget.
  • Communicate Northwestel's vision/direction to governments, business communities and residential customers and provide stakeholder feedback to executive management ensuring a common understanding by the Company of the unique needs of customers in Nunavut.
  • Enhance Northwestel's image and reputation by building business and social relationships through active participation in community organizations and major community and business events.
  • Attend conferences to ensure emergent issues impacting the Company are communicated effectively and major business opportunities are capitalized upon.
  • Actively participate in the Health & Safety program by working in compliance with OH&S Acts and Regulations, completing required training and reporting immediately to your Supervisor or Workplace H & S Committee member any work-related hazards and concerns.

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