Firmware Engineer - Coop

Kanata Marchwood, ONTARIO | 5 months
This position may have expired!

Job Summary

Kanata Marchwood
Inphi Corporation

Job Description


Below are some examples of the software team’s responsibilities:
- Embedded firmware development
- Customer and internal API development
- GUI development
- Automated test development and execution
- Lab debugging (Failure analysis, root cause)
Specific responsibilities of the co-op student can include:
- Maintaining, updating, debugging current suite of windows and linux tools (gcc, clang, python, etc.)
- Evaluating new tools and web services and providing training to team members
- Updating makefiles, bash & python scripting, and Jenkins CI job configuration
- Linux and windows development toolchains
- Implementing tools and services in docker containers
- Maintaining linux server infrastructure
- Python scripting and development
- Reporting and debugging GUI issues
You will gain experience with:
- Software development cycle
- Infrastructure configuration and management
- Software regression planning and execution
- Linux & windows based development
- Continuous Integration (Jenkins) methodologies
- Python, bash, and make scripting and automation
- Source code management (git)

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