Compute DSP/AI Processors ASICS Design Engineer

Markham East, ONTARIO | 4 months
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Markham East

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Job Id E1970760
Job Title Compute DSP/AI Processors ASICS Design Engineer
Post Date 03/22/2019
Company Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Job Area Engineering - Hardware
Location Canada - Markham
Job Overview Do you ever wonder when will connected devices become thinking devices? Be part of the group that is working on technology that will bring Cognition to all connected devices: That means devices that dont just think, but instinctively react to their surroundings. We are searching for an ASIC Design Engineer to be part of the Compute DSP/ AI Processor design team responsible for developing compute/processing hardware for Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. The candidate will develop micro-architecture and module specifications for digital compute and processing, bus interface, or other system-on-a-chip functions. Responsible for a portion of IP core functionality. Model and analyze performance, area, power, and system cost tradeoffs for different micro-architectures. Present compelling arguments for an optimal solution based on analysis. Implement modules and sub-systems in Verilog and HLS C hardware design languages. Develop design methodology and automation using tcl/make/python scripts. Develop and debug constraints, RTL, clocks, and layout to achieve netlist synthesis and static timing closure. Write, implement, and drive test plans and develop reference and bus-functional models. Implement tests at both the module and sub-system levels. Make significant contributions to silicon debug and analysis. The responsibilities of this role include: Taking responsibility for own work and making decisions with limited impact. Using verbal and written communication skills to convey basic, routine factual information about day-to-day activities to others who are fully knowledgeable in the subject area. Completing most tasks with multiple steps which can be performed in various orders; some planning and prioritization must occur to complete the tasks effectively. Exercising some creativity to troubleshoot technical problems or deal with novel circumstances. Using deductive problem solving to solve moderately complex problems; most problems have defined processes of diagnosis/detection; some limited data analysis may be required.
Minimum Qualifications Bachelor's degree in Science, Engineering, or related field.
Preferred Qualifications Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering. 6+ months experience with verification and design tools. 6+ months experience with scripting tools and programming languages. 6+ months experience with design verification methods.
Education Requirements Bachelor's degree in Science, Engineering, or related field.

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