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Ottawa West, ONTARIO | 5 months
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Ottawa West
Brookstreet Hotel

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As the leading four-diamond hotel, conference, golf, spa and dining destination in the national capital region, Brookstreet distinguishes itself through rapt attention to the smallest details, through impeccable service and the finest amenities. From stunning décor to state-of-the-art technologies, from inspired dining to a vast array of recreational activities year round, we aspire to create sensational hotel experiences for each guest during every visit.

It’s also our aim to foster an exceptional employee culture at Brookstreet, and to achieve excellence as a corporate citizen, supporting our community in every way we can.

Innovative and passionate, we strive to ensure your stay at Brookstreet—whether for work, play or getaway—is extraordinary and memorable. Our testimonials prove it!

Brookstreet has been repeatedly named “One of Ottawa’s Top 10 Employers” by an independent selection committee for The Employees’ Choice Awards (ECA) program.

Reporting to the Director of Food and Beverage the Banquet Manager is responsible for the overall success of all events and conferences booked.  Supporting the Banquet Manager is an Assistant Banquet Manager, and Banquet Partner Leads.  The Banquet Manager coordinates and supervises the execution of all banquet functions to ensure guest’s specifications are adhered to and that all functions run smoothly and efficiently.  Furthermore, this candidate possesses knowledge of food production and service and has the ability to perform all positions in banquet operations in order to supervise, direct, and train all banquet personnel.

Reports To:  Director of Food and Beverage


  • Conducting a daily inspection of the banquet areas including noting and advising of maintenance issues.  Ensuring that rooms are set and food is ordered as per indicated on Event Order.  Maintaining the cleanliness and order of the banquet pantries.
  • Executing larger events and meal functions and ensuring regular quality checks with the event organizer.
  • Providing clear goals and support to Talent Leaders and Partner Leads with respect to up-selling during events and service recovery.
  • Regular liaison with the culinary team ensuring smooth and efficient processes for food pickup, dish out and regulating the dish pit area.
  • Ensuring that the Banquet SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) are being followed and updated as required.
  • Ensuring that the banquet pass off is consistently sent complete with accurate information.
  • Daily communication summary passed on to the next shift (AM or PM Daily Shift Report).
  • Preparing the banquet setup and coffee setup sheet for the next day.
  • Ensure that banquet wines are ordered as per EO’s and in house 48 hours prior to event as well as maintaining a par stock.       
  • Ensuring insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are adhered to.  Forms 6 and 7 to be completed following any injury.
  • Reviewing Event Orders for the next week and requesting missing information or clarifying instructions with Event Managers.
  • Ensuring that payroll is complete and verified with sign in-out sheet (by 8:30 am to the Event Operations Coordinator).
  • Regular maintenance of the Starbucks equipment including the cleaning, inventory and proper storage.
  • Ensuring a team member’s presence at the following meetings: B Green, Health and Safety.
  • Banquet partner scheduling including assigning events / revised on a daily basis to ensure accuracy (including WMW Services).  *Ensuring that partners are consistently taking their breaks.
  • Development of banquet training manuals including: new partner training, AZBAR training, open and closing procedures, coat check and outside catering.
  • Prepare floor plans to accommodate special requests (training to be provided on Auto Sketch)
  • Posting of all banquet invoices on a daily basis, preparing the bill tracking sheet and gratuity division.
  • Securing par stock levels, moving stagnant products and ordering for all banquet supplies including beverages (Tuesday), dry items, miscellaneous equipment, pencils, meeting paper, mints etc.
  • Conducting inventory on banquet equipment 3 times a year (January / May / September).
  • Conducting inventory on china and glassware 2 times a year (June / December).
  • Organizing and updating the EO file binder / attending the 2:30 review meeting.
  • Quarterly Training sessions, Connection meetings, Coaching, Performance Reviews and Casting support for all banquet partners.
  • Ensuring par stock levels and quality of linen returned by Independent Linen Services / Good Fellow Cleaners (always looking 2 weeks ahead) / establishing a skirt cleaning system to control costs
  • Organizing and preparing bars through the AZBAR system.
  • Providing floats to the bartenders, coat check personnel.
  • Print labels and welcome signs for buffets / posting of door signage.
  • Total banquet covers sent to Accounting at the end of every month.

Meetings include weekly Events Meeting (3:30-4:30 Thursday), OPS Meeting (10:30 – 11:00 Thursday), Daily 2:30 Meeting and daily partner briefings.

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