AVP, Revenue Cycle Management

Full Time | 8 months
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Full Time

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Job Description

Job Description

Directs the development, coordination and administration of Revenue Cycle Management policies, services and programs of the Health System. Participates in the development and implementation of financial and strategic planning activities. Facilitates quality improvement initiatives and the integration of the Health System’s values. 

1. Strategic Planning 
  • Promotes quality and productivity improvements through involvement in the development of improved procedures, process innovations and changes which support the strategic direction of the Health System. 
  • Plans and implements the utilization of information resources to support the strategic direction and operation of the Health System. 
  • Researches, develops and coordinates the implementation of strategic plans, policies and standards for Revenue Cycle Management to include maximizing market share, growth strategies, expense control, space allocation, and technological equipment and information systems (IS) purchases. 
2. Financial Management 
  • Participates in planning, organizing and coordinating financial policies and practices to control revenues, disburse funds and conserve assets. 
  • Monitors fiscal operations including, fiscal accounting, reporting and control; billing and payroll; third party reimbursement and contracting; regulatory cost reporting, internal auditing and budget coordination and forecasting. 
  • Establishes and standardizes financial management systems to support financial reporting requirements. 
3. Operational Performance 
  • Plans, directs and supports all hardware, operating systems, networks and data communication technologies. 
  • Coordinates, develops and executes public relations and communication programs for the Health System's internal and external audiences. 
  • Directs the research, development and implementation of marketing policies, plans and procedures which capitalize on current and future market opportunities. 
  • Participates in and implements business development projects that include business acquisitions, new product design and systems enhancements. 
  • Identifies new opportunities, tests new ideas and ensures implementation. 
4. Technology 
  • Reviews and directs the planning, design, implementation and support of corporate wide information systems, networks and departmental applications. 
5. Standards Compliance 
  • Ensures compliance with Federal, State and City rules, regulations and tax laws and JCAHO standards. 
  • Interprets and standardizes all fiscal and regulatory reporting standards to ensure compliance with government and regulatory reporting and third-party agencies. 
6. HR Development 
  • Directs the implementation of Human Resources plans to achieve strategic goals and objectives including organizational development, recruiting, compensation, training and development and employee relations. 
7. Business Development 
  • Directs the management and development of professional contacts and community support through identifying and developing new business initiatives and opportunities. 
8. Research 
  • Evaluates and directs the assessment of services and development of new programs and research projects on an on-going basis and supports strategies for program adaptation to market changes. 
9. Performs related duties, as required. 
*ADA Essential Functions 

  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting/Finance or related field, required. 
  • Minimum of eight (8) years progressively responsible senior management experience in a related field, required. 

Posted 05/14/2018

  • Full Time position
  • Compensation will be Market Rate

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