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Full Time | North York North Park Maple Leaf Park Upwood Park, ONTARIO | 7 months | Deadline: 21 Jul 2018
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Full Time

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Current Vacancy:    Academic Arts

Vacancy Location(s):         Maple Leaf International School – Zhenjiang

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 About Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Educational Systems is the first and largest BC Offshore School system in China with schools now located in Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing, Zhenjiang, Henan-Luoyang, Shanghai, Yiwu, Hainan and Xi'an.  Our schools are all located on purpose built campuses with classrooms, labs, student dormitories, cafeterias, gyms, and outdoor playing fields. Many campuses also have on-site teacher apartments.

Maple Leaf schools range is size from about 250 students to over 2800 students. Our newer schools have smaller numbers but are built to grow and growing fast.

We welcome high school and elementary teachers to apply. While the majority of our students are studying in the BC high school program we also have Foreign Nationals Schools offering the BC K – 9 program in Dalian, Wuhan and Yiwu.

Our system continues to grow with new locations to be announced soon. Join our team of over 400 BC certified teachers and administrators today and begin your amazing professional journey in China.

 Teaching Duties

 Maple Leaf teachers perform duties in an academically oriented international school. These include:

  •   Providing quality classroom instruction using a variety of teaching strategies
  •   Effectively managing classrooms and supervise students
  •   Preparing plans including course overviews, unit plans and lesson plans
  •  Working collaboratively with colleagues to develop and share instructional materials
  •  Using a variety of formative and summative assessments
  •  Fulfilling professional duties in a timely manner
  •  Contributing to a strong school culture
  •  Presenting a professional manner and a positive role model for students
  •  Demonstrating flexibility in dealing with the changing demands as conditions dictate


Maple Leaf Teaching Advantage

  •  Teach the BC curriculum in China
  •  Live and work with Canadian colleagues
  •  Experience personal and professional growth
  •  Explore career advancement opportunities
  •  Teach academically motivated students
  •  Enjoy a rich cultural environment
  •  Opportunities for saving and travel


Maple Leaf Benefit

  •  Competitive salary starting at $50,000 CAD/year
  •  Allowance for yearly return flights
  •  International Premium Medical Plan
  •  Visa and related costs paid
  •  Orientation and settling assistance
  •  Generous vacation periods throughout the year


To apply, send a resume to Don McCahill, Teacher Recruitment Manager at:

or visit the "Employment" tab at

About the British Columbia Offshore School Program
The British Columbia Ministry of Education certifies and inspects the delivery of the B.C. educational program by offshore schools.
B.C. offshore school owner/operators operate and administer offshore schools and are responsible for complying with all offshore program requirements as well as all laws of the country in which the school is located.
The Ministry of Education is not responsible for the employment relationship, including any employment disputes, between a teacher and an offshore school owner/operator, which is governed by a teacher’s, principal’s or vice principal’s contract of employment. The Ministry of Education is also not responsible for and does not participate in the process of obtaining or vetting work visas for B.C. offshore school teachers.
B.C. offshore school teachers are responsible for ensuring that they have correct information regarding employment and immigration requirements for the country in which the school is located. Teachers may wish to contact the country’s consulate (or embassy) in Canada with any questions related to local laws, regulations or requirements.
For more information, on the B.C. offshore school program, visit the B.C. Government website . 

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