Administrator, Accounts Payable

Old Montreal, QUEBEC | about 1 month

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Old Montreal

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To ensure the accurate and timely payment of invoices related to various categories of expenses. To ensure the accurate accounting treatment and entry of these invoices into the PeopleSoft Accounts Payable system.

• To verify, analyze, reconcile, code and pay various categories of expense related invoices. The types of invoices processed may include freight, supply, domestic purchases, utilities, service and repair, construction in progress, advertising, travel and other miscellaneous items.
• To investigate discrepancies discovered during the invoice review process and to pursue resolutions to these discrepancies with suppliers. To bring material or unresolved issues to the attention of the department manager.
• To ensure that all invoices are processed only after the appropriate approvals are obtained.
• To ensure that payment due dates are respected in order to preserve good relations with suppliers, take advantage of discounts offered, and avoid incurring late payment charges.
• To accurately record invoices in the appropriate accounting period by entering them into the PeopleSoft Accounts Payable system and in the case of domestic purchases, the Retek system, on a timely basis.
• To investigate and pursue resolutions of discrepancies with suppliers’ Statements of Account.
• To create reports from the PeopleSoft Accounts Payable system for analytical purposes by using existing queries or by creating queries to extract specific information.
• To accomplish other tasks as required.
• Ensure accuracy of taxes (GST/QST/self-assessment/withholding) at the time of invoice processing
• Perform detailed reconciliations related to payments issued vs invoices processed, and following up to process required outstanding invoices and adjustments to reconcile with payments.
• Identify and assist in implementing process improvements in Accounts Payable and disbursement processes to drive greater efficiency and productivity.

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